Scape Fu Podcast Episode 2 – Ghazanfar Ghori

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Ok folks, I give you Scape Fu Episode 2- “It’s crypt-toe-ko-rye-knee folks, OK?” It features our friend Ghazanfar Ghori discussing his views on the hobby, cryptocoryne and his tissue culturing efforts. His website is I made a mistake in the podcast and left out the aquaticscape part. Ghazanfar also mentions Jan Bastmeijer’s great Crypt Pages, The Krib and Dr. … Read More

Latest interview and call for links!

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Hey everyone, I just finished interviewing Frank Wazeter from Aquarium Design Group. You’re going to love learning about all the stuff they’re doing over there. Very exciting stuff! I really need your help find cool, updated websites having to do with the planted aquarium hobby.  We have a new “Link of the Week” segment where I will be highlighting these … Read More

Scape Fu Podcast Episode 1

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The Scape Fu Podcast Episode 1 – “OK Erik, I’m recording…” is live! This week we feature an interview with Erik Olson of Aquatic Gardeners Association and The Krib fame.  Please check it out! Remember! Sharing is caring!  Lurkers make babies cry so … 1. Grab our RSS feed to stay up-to-date on posts or have our updates delivered to … Read More