Aquascaping Masters: Arizona by James Findley

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Aquascaping master James Findley Arizona

Aquascaping is reaching new heights with master aquascapers like James Findley. In my opinion, James is one of the most innovative aquascapers we have today. He is experimenting and pushing boundaries and, in the process, taking aquascaping to the next level. I wanted to share with you this new, beautifully produced video by James that details the making of one … Read More

Aquascaping Masters at Work: Jason Baliban Hardscape Series

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“It’s Been a While” refers not only to the fact that, at least I, haven’t seen anything from Jason Baliban in a while, but it also refers to a series of hardscape video’s he just released. If you don’t know Jason, his is an accomplished aquascaper and documents his hobby at his site, Project Aquarium. This is another aquascaping master … Read More

Aquascaping masters at work: Reciprocity by James Findley

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I love it when I get to see true masters at work. James Findley and the Green Machine have been carving new ground in creating visually stunning videos that teach the art of aquascaping. In this extremely informative video, James walks us through the creation of a huge aquascape. He entitled it “Reciprocity” because of its diagonally mirroring sides. It … Read More