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A Brief Visit to Aqua Forest Aquarium

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  I recently had a rant on the sorry state of aquarium plants in the US. This rant does not apply to the this idyllic version of the local fish store. Nestled in the middle of a quiet street in otherwise bustling San Francisco, sits Aqua Forest Aquarium (AFA). Started by George and Steven Lo, AFA is an importer of Aqua … Read More

Video of Radion LED Demo and Thunderstorm Modes

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The setup of the Radion tank is coming together. Yesterday I hung the Radion and started to play with it. I was having too much fun with the modes so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of videos. The first one is the psychedelic demo mode that cycles through everything the Radion can do. It is amazing to … Read More

The aquarium to test the Radion

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So the awesome folks at EcoTech Marine sent me a review model of their Radion to test out in a planted aquarium setting. It’s the perfect excuse to set up a new tank. I happen to have a 24 gallon Cardiff aquarium lying around so I decided to use it for this experiment. You can see it below. I’m going … Read More

Initial Unboxing Awesome Sauce – Radion and Vortech

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Like the Mac fans out there, unboxing an awesome piece of hardware is special. That’s what this post is about. No, it’s not my latest Apple gadget although it’s just as cool for planted tank hobbysts. Heck, for aquarists in general. It’s the latest EcoTech Marine Radion LED pendant. I throw in my thoughts on unboxing the MP10 Vortech wavemaker … Read More