We interrupt this programming…

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Quick update folks. Unfortunately, my computer and recording equipment were stolen.  I need to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming until I can replace the equipment.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on the air shortly. [Update- Jan 6, 2011] I purchased a new computer so I’m semi-back!  I’ll be purchasing some audio equipment to be able to start recording again soon.  Thanks … Read More

Do you know Theophrastus?

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He was a pupil of Aristotle (370-c to 285 B.C.). Like you, he too was a student of aquatic plants: “For there are some plants which cannot live except in wet; and again these are distinguished from one another by their fondness for different kinds of wetness; so that some grow in marshes, others in lakes, others in rivers, others … Read More

We’re now on Zune!

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Hey everyone, For those of you with a Zune, we’re now list in the Zune directory. Check it out here: http://social.zune.net/podcast/Scape-Fu/7afeb6c6-8fda-4cf7-b7ff-07aa710a2e13 Regards, Art

Episode 4 delayed

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Hi everyone, Just a quick note to let you know that we’ve decided to delay the release of episode 4 featuring Mike Senske. We’re working hard to get the new segments finalized and into the episode for you.  It won’t take too long so look for it shortly. Regards, Art

Next episode will be out on Saturday

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Hi everyone! Just a quick note to let you know the next episode featuring JohnN of Aquascaping World will be out on Saturday. Also, you may be interested to know that the first two episodes of the podcast have been warmly received by hobbyist and, so far, have been downloaded 329 times. That’s very good for a new podcast that … Read More

Please rate us on iTunes!

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Hi everyone, We are finally up on iTunes as a podcast! When you have a few moments, please go and give us a rating. The more (positive) ratings we get, the more chances of being featured that means more listeners. Also, word of mouth is the only way for other hobbyists to find us. Please tell other hobbyists about us. … Read More

May I present, Scape Fu – the planted aquarium podcast!

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My name is Art and I’m the host of Scape Fu – the planted aquarium podcast.  Scape Fu is a podcast for the freshwater aquarist and especially those aquarists interested in taking their aquariums to the next level.  No plastic plants here! We will focus on 100%, genuine natural aquariums.  Join me as I explore the world of planted aquariums … Read More