UK Aquascaping Experience Recap | ScapeFu060

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UK Aquascaping Experience

The UK Aquascaping Experience 2016 was a tremendous success. In episode 60 of the ScapeFu Podcast, Jurijs recounts his experience as a participant, contestant and lecturer. Have a listen, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Download directly from iTunes or listen below. UK Aquascaping Experience 2016 We had George Farmer come on the show before to tell us about what the … Read More

Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade | ScapeFu059

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Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade

Cara Wade, a lighting expert from Build My LED, tells you exactly what you should be looking for when thinking about lighting your planted aquarium. Cara clears up misconceptions and cuts through the marketing jargon that’s floating out there. You are not going to want to miss this one! Links mentioned in the show: Lighting Basics ScapeFu043 Lighting Basics for the … Read More

Mineralized Soil with Sean Murphy | ScapeFu058

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mineralized soil

Mineralized soil has many benefits for your planted aquarium. It’s a way to provide aquarium plants with a nutrient-rich substrate while minimizing organics that could lead to algae outbreaks. In this episode of the ScapeFu Podcast, Sean Murphy, who invented the intentional use of mineralized soil in planted aquariums, shares how he developed it, why he created a step-by-step recipe … Read More

Get to Know Jeff Miotke | ScapeFu057

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Jeff Miotke

Jeff Miotke is a US aquascaper. He’s got talent, determination and focus. That’s a powerful formula. In this episode, Art has a conversation with Jeff about aquascaping, the hobby and even his drool-worthy filter closet! Go have a listen! Some of Jeff’s works:

Ways to Fertilize Your Plants | ScapeFu055

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Ways to Fertilize Your Plants In ScapeFu episode 55, Art starts a podcast series on the ways people fertilize aquarium plants today. It’s a foundation podcast to be followed by deep dives into Estimative Index, Mineralized Soil, PPS and more. Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode: Some history on the way people use to fertilize aquarium plants What you … Read More

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail and How to Avoid Them | ScapeFu054

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planted aquarium failure success

Top 10 Reasons People Fail and How to Avoid Them Today, it is relatively easy to have a healthy, beautiful aquarium. It’s within anybody’s reach if they take the time to do a little research and purchase the right equipment. However, in spite of all the available information out there, many beginners fail and, some, give up and quit. In … Read More

Aquascaping Styles We Love | ScapeFu053

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aquascaping styles

In episode 53, JJ and Art divulge their love affair with certain aquascaping styles. It’s a Valentines Day special episode. JJ’s first love is the Dutch aquarium. It’s bold and challenging but stunning. Here are some examples: From Bart Laurens From Willem van Wezel Tom Barr’s “Dutchy” tank Art’s in love with the island style aquarium. It’s beautifully simple and minimalistic … Read More

Aquascaping the Nano Tank

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Aquascaping the nano tank

A nano tank can be alluring to a beginner. It’s low cost entry point, the promise of easier maintenance, and it’s ability to fit almost anywhere make the nano tank almost a no-brainer for beginners. After all, aren’t we always taught to start small? It makes sense, right? However, the reality is, nano tanks are not always easy. They bring … Read More

Algae Prevention and Elimination How we do it | ScapeFu051

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algae prevention

Algae Prevention & Elimination – How We Do It | ScapeFu051 In episode 51, it is all about algae prevention and elimination. Jurijs, JJ and Art share with you how they keep algae at bay. If you’ve ever struggled with algae, you need to have a listen. And, it’s Jurijs’ birthday! In this episode, you’ll learn about: Can you win … Read More