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Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade

Cara Wade, a lighting expert from¬†Build My LED, tells you exactly what you should be looking for when thinking about lighting your planted aquarium. Cara clears up misconceptions and cuts through the marketing jargon that’s floating out there. You are not going to want to miss this one!

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2 Comments on “Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade | ScapeFu059”

  1. Chris Noto

    Too bad Cara Wade’s company, BuildMyLED, has gone out of the aquarium lighting market.
    I paid top dollar for a light and digital controller that are now orphans, unsupported.
    That is especially frustrating for those of us who bought BML’s SolLunar Controller, which turns out to be running very primitive software, that now will never be upgraded. Sigh.

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