The ScapeFu Podcast is a podcast on the art and science of planted aquariums and aquascaping. It is hosted by Art Pennom and his two co-hosts, JJ and Jurijs.

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Seachem and the Planted Aquarium Hobby | ScapeFu061

In this week's episode, Daniel Griffin of Seachem tells us about it's history and involvement with the planted aquarium hobby ...
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UK Aquascaping Experience

UK Aquascaping Experience Recap | ScapeFu060

The UK Aquascaping Experience 2016 was a tremendous success. In episode 60 of the ScapeFu Podcast, Jurijs recounts his experience ...
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Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade

Lighting the Planted Aquarium with Cara Wade | ScapeFu059

Cara Wade, a lighting expert from Build My LED, tells you exactly what you should be looking for when thinking about ...
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mineralized soil

Mineralized Soil with Sean Murphy | ScapeFu058

Mineralized soil has many benefits for your planted aquarium. It's a way to provide aquarium plants with a nutrient-rich substrate ...
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Jeff Miotke

Get to Know Jeff Miotke | ScapeFu057

Jeff Miotke is a US aquascaper. He's got talent, determination and focus. That's a powerful formula. In this episode, Art ...
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Ways to Fertilize Your Plants | ScapeFu055

Ways to Fertilize Your Plants In ScapeFu episode 55, Art starts a podcast series on the ways people fertilize aquarium plants ...
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planted aquarium failure success

Top 10 Reasons Why People Fail and How to Avoid Them | ScapeFu054

Top 10 Reasons People Fail and How to Avoid Them Today, it is relatively easy to have a healthy, beautiful aquarium ...
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aquascaping styles

Aquascaping Styles We Love | ScapeFu053

In episode 53, JJ and Art divulge their love affair with certain aquascaping styles. It's a Valentines Day special episode.JJ's ...
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Aquascaping the nano tank

Aquascaping the Nano Tank

A nano tank can be alluring to a beginner. It's low cost entry point, the promise of easier maintenance, and ...
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algae prevention

Algae Prevention and Elimination How we do it | ScapeFu051

Algae Prevention & Elimination - How We Do It | ScapeFu051 In episode 51, it is all about algae prevention and ...
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Re-Scaping: How We Do It | ScapeFu050

Celebrating our 50th episode! We talk about re-scaping your aquarium. Jurijs, JJ and Art share how they re-scape with pro ...
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Behind Scene EAPLC

Behind the Scenes of the EAPLC | ScapeFu049

In 2015, the third edition of the European Aquatic Plants Layout Contest (EAPLC) was held for the whole of Europe. In ...
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