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Ways to Fertilize Your Plants

In ScapeFu episode 55, Art starts a podcast series on the ways people fertilize aquarium plants today. It’s a foundation podcast to be followed by deep dives into Estimative Index, Mineralized Soil, PPS and more.

Here’s what you’ll learn on this episode:

  1. Some history on the way people use to fertilize aquarium plants
  2. What you should do to figure out what method is best for you
  3. Substrate methods
  4. Substrate + Water Column methods
  5. Water Column methods
  6. Commercial solutions
  7. Nutrient Calculators

Some of the links mentioned in the show:

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3 Comments on “Ways to Fertilize Your Plants | ScapeFu055”

  1. Bob Dawson

    Hi Art, Really enjoyed episode 55 and 56 with the focus on proper fertilizing. Have been keeping aquariums for almost 40 years now. Planted tanks have been my focus for the last 10 years. I feel like I have the lighting and CO2 down but fertilizing has always been my weak link. I am going to try a mineralized soil tank shortly. If you could get Sean Murphy from GWAPA on the pod cast that would be great. I am following his info from the Aaron Talbot APC post. This was back in 2004. I would be curious if either Sean or Aaron have anything new to add about their methods. Keep up the great work. Bob (ScapeFu Tribe member)

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