The aquarium to test the Radion

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So the awesome folks at EcoTech Marine sent me a review model of their Radion to test out in a planted aquarium setting. It’s the perfect excuse to set up a new tank. I happen to have a 24 gallon Cardiff aquarium lying around so I decided to use it for this experiment. You can see it below. I’m going … Read More

First rule of aquascaping

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As with everything, there are certain rules that, if followed, can turn your work into something you’re proud of. I’ve come up with a set of rules for aquascaping. Here’s the first one. The first rule of aquascaping: start with healthy plants.

Don’t beat your aquascape with the ugly stick!

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What your aquascape sits in is just as important as the aquascape itself. There is no excuse for wrapping an aquascape in an ugly setup. I know times are tough, people, but it’s better to postpone setting up your beautiful aquarium until you have the time or money to house it in a modern and pleasing arrangement. Don’t beat your … Read More