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From Zero to Aquascape for $100

“I would love to set up one of those beautiful planted aquariums but I don’t have the money right now.”

Do you know someone who’s said that? Perhaps, it’s been your excuse?

In ScapeFu Podcast #44, Jurijs and Art commit to a new challenge. They will go from zero to a full aquascape for about $100. In the episode, they explain how they plan on doing it.

It won’t be easy and thinking outside the box will critical. Can they do it? What do you think?

Here is Art’s list of materials:

Total: $137.96 ($37.96 over at the moment)

Here is Jurijs’ list of materials (links are coming shortly):

  • ADA mini M 36x22x26cm (float glas) 36,90€
  • Cheap 20x20x25cm cube 12,59€
  • ADA Amazonia 3 liter bag 15,90€
  • Philips Tornado 23watt 6500k 1500 lumen 9,87€
  • Ikea Lersta or Tertial 14,99€
  • Eden 501 Filter 300 l/h 26,18€
  • Invitro cub HC 8,5cm 6,95€
  • Nano pump Sera FD150 11,99€
  • Dennerle Bio Co2 kit 8,95€
  • Tropica plant growth 125 ml 6,95€

Total: 151.27€ (51.27€ over at the moment)

What do you think of the lists? Tell us in the comments below!

Why don’t you join us?

Got an extra C-note to spare? Why don’t you join us in this challenge?? We’d love to have company!

Tell us what your list would be and send us pictures as you build it. Let’s build the $100 aquascape together.


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2 Comments on “From Zero to Aquascape for $100 | ScapeFu044”

  1. Laci Sziládi

    Hello guys!

    I love the El Cheapo style! (since I do this hobby on the budget. :P)
    Here is my very cheap tank from UKAPS:

    Aquaruim: 42x29x20 (cm) ~ 24 Litres (I saved it from the garbage at a house clearance, it was a hamster cage maybe 😀 But who cares it was free! :D)
    Lighting: IKEA desk lamp with 11W 6500K PC bulb (already had it so it was technically free too)
    Filtration: 280 L/h internal filter with sponge and spray bar (already had it too, but i had to DIY it a little bit)
    Substrate: reused Aquatic Nature Shrimp Soil
    Decoration: river sand from Fehérvárcsurgó (it was very cheap: 2,5 Eruo for a 10 litres bag), (green) granite rocks (from a friend), red moor driftwood from Green Aqua (6,5 Euro)
    Fertilization: Dr. Garden Micro combi ~5 euro
    Co2: Liqui carbo (liquid stuff like easy carbo but it contains K too) ~6euro

    Flora: microsorum pteropus trident, anubias nana petite, fissidens fontanus, hemianthus micranthemoides I bought them from fellow aquascapers for 5 euro

    Well, thats my not complete list…

    Keep up the good work with the podcast, I really like to hear from you guys!

    Big hello from Hungary!
    (sorry for my spelling! :D)

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