Use of Contrast in Aquascaping – ScapeFu Friday Challenge

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ScapeFu Friday Challenge


This is the FIRST ScapeFu Friday Challenge! Yay!

Up first, contrast in aquascaping!

Let’s define contrast in aquascaping:

Contrast refers to the arrangement of opposite elements (light vs. dark colors, rough vs. smooth textures, large vs. small shapes, etc.) in an aquascape so as to create visual interest, excitement and drama.

If you want your aquascaping to improve, you need to learn techniques that build visual interest into your aquarium. Nobody likes a bland painting. Breath life into it by telling a story with your aquascape and contrast is just one way of doing just that.

So, your challenge for today:

Take a picture of contrast in YOUR aquascape and post it in the comments below!

Let’s have fun and all learn together! Now, go! Take that picture and post it!

Attachment guidelines: max. 8 megabytes and only jpg, gif or png file formats

Here are some examples:

Example 1: Contrast using the color and shape of fish

Contrast in aquascaping






Example 2: Contrast using rock, plants and substrate










Example 3: Contrast using fish, plant color and plant leaf shape


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