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In episode 53, JJ and Art divulge their love affair with certain aquascaping styles. It’s a Valentines Day special episode.

JJ’s first love is the Dutch aquarium. It’s bold and challenging but stunning. Here are some examples:

From Bart Laurens

Laurens Dutch Aquarium

From Willem van Wezel

Willem Dutch Aquarium

Tom Barr’s “Dutchy” tank

Barr Dutch Aquarium

Art’s in love with the island style aquarium. It’s beautifully simple and minimalistic but can be just the right style for you.

Island style by Iwan Kurniawan

Iwan island style

Some of the best island style layouts I’ve seen are from the reef side:

Reef island style

JJ’s second love is the natural aquarium. It’s a natural beauty giving you that sense calm that we all want.

ADA Natural Style

Art’s second love is anything that is abstract and pushes the boundaries of the hobby. These aquascapers break the mold and create amazingly beautiful artwork.

Balazs Farkas’s Before the Creation of Adam that we discussed in ScapeFu #22: Interview with Balazs Farkas

Balazs abstract style

Another great abstract is Gary Wu’s Beyond Nature

Wu abstract style

And, of course, Oliver Knott is always pushing the boundaries

Knott abstract style

Knott aquascaping style

Knott Seven Trees


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2 Comments on “Aquascaping Styles We Love | ScapeFu053”

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  2. Giuseppe

    My number one favorite style is the style that got me in the hobby and created by Takashi Amano. And that is Nature Aquarium as Ryuboku. An impression of nature with rocks, wood and different species of plants and fish. Second is iwagumi. Although it’s simple it’s a challenge to create something beautiful and clean.

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