Algae Prevention and Elimination How we do it | ScapeFu051

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algae prevention

Algae Prevention & Elimination – How We Do It | ScapeFu051

In episode 51, it is all about algae prevention and elimination. Jurijs, JJ and Art share with you how they keep algae at bay. If you’ve ever struggled with algae, you need to have a listen. And, it’s Jurijs’ birthday!

In this episode, you’ll learn about:

  • Can you win the battle over algae?
  • Sterilizing techniques including “cooking”
  • Best way to prevent algae
  • Maintenance crew examples
  • How we eliminate algae

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3 Comments on “Algae Prevention and Elimination How we do it | ScapeFu051”

  1. Manuel Willems

    Great episode thanks guys.

    But i have an question for Jurijs. You say that you dose your RO water straight in the tank, so you dont use any reminelizer because your RO water is almost the same as dead water?. Are you not affraid that you will lost your buffering from your kh, and get ph drops.

    Sorry for my bad english writing, im from the Netherlands.

  2. Srijesh

    Great work and very informative

    One question for all the three.

    I am a beginner can you say in detail why we need to make massive water change in the beginning , as we are draining all the minerals in the soil.

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