ScapeFu020 – Dave Chow, Twinstar and Algae in the Planted Aquarium

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ScapeFu Podcast Episode 20: Dave Chow, Twinstar and Algae in the Planted Aquarium

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Algae can be the biggest obstacle for beginners in the hobby. It can quickly become overwhelming. In this episode, we hear from famed aquascaper Dave Chow on a new product designed to help with algae and we share our pro tips on algae management.

Aquascaping News

Reminder about the Aquatic Experience taking place in Chicago this November 7–9th. They have a Youtube video about what you can expect: Aquatic Experience – Chicago Video

Dave Chow, Twinstar and Algae in the Planted Aquarium

Common algae and tips on how to deal with them:

  • Blue green algae/cyanobacteria – it smells! nitrogen fixing so it will deplete water of nitrogen
    • causes – low nitrates/high organics, poor water circulation
    • cure – increase KNO3, plant growth, black out, Excel/H202, Erythromycin
  • Hair algae – long green strands especially in moss or small leaved plants
    • cause – excess iron levels
    • cure – manual removal, nutrient balance
  • Fuzz algae – on leaves fuzzy appearance with small strands
    • causes – nutrient imbalance and low CO2
    • cure – SAE, nutrient balance, increase CO2
  • Green spot algae – Green spots on glass or leaves
    • causes – excess K or low PO4
    • cure – maintenance on glass, increase PO4, Nerite snails, Otos and Plecos
  • Green dust algae – zoospores attached to glass like firm
    • cause – unknown
    • cure – time, Nerite snails, Otocinclus and bristlenose plecos
  • Brown algae – diatoms – new tank syndrome
    • cause imbalance
    • cure – time, manual removal Otocinclus/nerite snails
  • Red/Black Brush (or beard) Algae – Rhodophyta
    • cause – nutrient imbalance and/or low pH
    • cure increase CO2 – Excel/H202 – bleach – SAE
  • Green water – free floating single-cell euglenoid protists
    • causes new tank syndrome and imbalance
    • cure blackout diatom/micron filter UV sterilizer no large water changes
  • Staghorn – Compsopogon
    • cause nutrient imbalance and low CO2
    • cure manual removal, water change, increase CO2, nutrient balance, Excel/H202, bleach

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  1. Mitch

    The introduction was fine, but the interview itself was almost unintelligible.
    Very bad audio quality. I stopped listening about 3 minutes in.

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