The 1 Thing Takashi Amano Does That YOU Don’t

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Takashi Amano Aquascaping Practice

Does Takashi Amano‘s work inspire you? Do you wonder how someone can be so good at aquascaping? Is it as simple as being a “natural” at it? The truth is you don’t need to have natural talent to be as good as Takashi Amano. You simply need to do the one thing Amano’s has been doing for over 30 years. … Read More

Low Tech Aquascaping: What you need to know

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Low Tech Aquascaping

Low tech aquascaping is probably the oldest type of aquascaping. Long before all the high tech gadgets we have today, hobbyists managed to not only keep plants but to keep them in beautiful arrangements we now call aquascapes. In episode 31, Jurijs and I break down low tech aquascaping and tell you how to set up your very own. Have … Read More