We interrupt this programming…

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Quick update folks. Unfortunately, my computer and recording equipment were stolen.  I need to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming until I can replace the equipment.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on the air shortly.

[Update- Jan 6, 2011] I purchased a new computer so I’m semi-back!  I’ll be purchasing some audio equipment to be able to start recording again soon.  Thanks for your understanding and support.

All the best,


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3 Comments on “We interrupt this programming…”

  1. MaryD

    Crap, that stinks! Sorry to hear the news–I hope you can recover what you lost! I’ve really enjoyed your tank analyses–hopefully they can continue while the podcast goes into hiatus.

  2. JakeJ

    Very sorry to hear about the equipment Art. I hope you can get everything back up and running smoothly and quickly. Great site by the way!

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