Next episode will be out on Saturday

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Hi everyone!

Just a quick note to let you know the next episode featuring JohnN of Aquascaping World will be out on Saturday.

Also, you may be interested to know that the first two episodes of the podcast have been warmly received by hobbyist and, so far, have been downloaded 329 times. That’s very good for a new podcast that relies on word of mouth for it’s only advertising.

It is for that reason we need your help. If you’ve enjoyed the podcast so far, please tell two friends to give it a listen. If you use iTunes, please give us a rate as that also helps to lift us into the featured podcasts and, hopefully, getting us more exposure.

Lastly, PLEASE remember that we would love to hear from you! We now have three segments that rely on listener participation- Newbie Corner, Through the Lens and Scape Guru. So, send us any topic suggestions, questions, feedback or any other comments via email to or our Listener Line (toll-free) 800-597-7644. We may even read your email or play your voicemail on the air.

As always, we appreciate your support!

See you on the next podcast!

All the best,


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2 Comments on “Next episode will be out on Saturday”

  1. Andrew Shafer

    Just curious Art, does it count as a ‘download’ when someone streams an episode of the podcast here on your site? That is how I have been listening to them so far..

  2. Art

    Hmm… that’s a good question, Andrew. I don’t think it is but I’ll check with our stat provider to see. Thanks for bringing this up!

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