Video of Radion LED Demo and Thunderstorm Modes

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The setup of the Radion tank is coming together. Yesterday I hung the Radion and started to play with it. I was having too much fun with the modes so I grabbed the camera and took a couple of videos.

The first one is the psychedelic demo mode that cycles through everything the Radion can do. It is amazing to see how one fixture can change the look of the aquarium. Notice the subtle color changes and the shocking ones. Red???

The other is the Radion’s Thunderstorm mode. I think this one if more for the viewer than the aquarium inhabitants but it’s just very cool. The lights dim a bit to represent cloud cover and random lightning starts to happen.

ALl of this is the standard (Basic) modes that the Radion comes with. I haven’t connected it to my computer yet to play with the custom modes. That’s when the real fun begins.

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