Aquascaping masters at work: Reciprocity by James Findley

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I love it when I get to see true masters at work. James Findley and the Green Machine have been carving new ground in creating visually stunning videos that teach the art of aquascaping. In this extremely informative video, James walks us through the creation of a huge aquascape. He entitled it “Reciprocity” because of its diagonally mirroring sides.

It is one of the best explanations of iwagumi-style I have seen. You get to see James’ thought process as he carefully positions the stones. He not only tells you what he is doing but why. You really understand that setting up an aquascape, like painting, takes time, patience and thought. It isn’t easy. It isn’t fast. But the outcome is so worth it. Fantastic!

As always, I learn new tricks from pros. I’m hanging up my old-school nets and whipping out the shop vac to take care of those nasty floaties after I’ve finished planting. Way to go, James! Yet another use for a man’s power tools. Well played.

I can’t recommend enough that you intently watch this video and learn from it. Keep an eye on James and his Green Machine. I have a feeling they will be at the forefront of the planted aquarium hobby and aquascaping for a long time to come. James is truly one of aquascape’s masters and he is most certainly, hard at work.

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One Comment on “Aquascaping masters at work: Reciprocity by James Findley”

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