The 10 Most Influential Aquascapers List

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There are many aquascapers but there are few aquascapers that influence the planted aquarium hobby on a global scale. This is my humble attempt to honor their work by curating an up-to-date list for all to see.

So, here it is. The definitive list of the 10 most influential aquascapers in the world.

1. Takashi Amano – Japan

This is a no-brainer. The founder of Aqua Design Amano and the Nature Aquarium Concept.

2. Oliver Knott – Germany

Oliver has been turning out aquascapes for many years. He’s now taken his passion and expanded into commercial ventures that help bring new people into the hobby.

3. George Farmer – United Kingdom

Great aquascaper and founder of UKAPS.

4. Jeff Senske – USA

Jeff and his brother Mike own Aquarium Design Group and are huge contributors to the hobby.

5. Jordi Pelegri – Spain

Fantastic aquascaper and leader in the Spanish-speaking world.

6. James Findley – United Kingdom

Another amazing aquascaper and founder of the Green Machine in the UK.

7. Felipe Oliveira – Portugal

One of the best aquascaping blogs out there.

8. Cliff Hui – China

One of the founders of the Creative Aquascaper Union. His talent speaks for itself.

9. Mark Evans – United Kingdom

Mark is relatively new to aquascaping but has shot to the top with his videography.

10. Long Tran Hoang – Vietnam

With the increasing popularity of the IAPLC, the winners are gaining influence. As the 2011 winner, Long Tran is influencing the hobby. Let’s see if his influence continues.

Do you agree or disagree with the above? Do you have someone who you think deserves to be on the list? Let me know!

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5 Comments on “The 10 Most Influential Aquascapers List”

  1. Aqualinea

    And about Brazil 😀
    We have good names like:

    Renato Kuroki
    Luca Galarraga
    André Longarço
    Adriano Montoro

    Have a nice weekend!

    Alexandre Augusto

  2. Art

    Obrigado, Alexandre!

    Eu nĂŁo quero negligenciar os brasileiros. Eu investigar nos nomes que vocĂȘ alistou.

    English: Thanks, Alexandre!

    I don’t want to neglect the Brazilians. I will investigate the names you listed.

    Timo: Thank you very much. I welcome your thoughts.

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