Takashi Amano does the Tokyo Sky Tree Town

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I think ADA really raised the bar with this video series on how Takashi Amano and ADA put together the world’s largest Nature Aquarium for the world’s tallest building, the Tokyo Sky Tree Town. There’s a lot to learn from this 20+ minute video.  I’ll be putting the series up as they come out.



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One Comment on “Takashi Amano does the Tokyo Sky Tree Town”

  1. chrislewistx

    I really enjoyed the video, and even with my thick head I might have learned a thing or two. It was nice to see that even the “master” runs into snags along the road too.

    One question though. Did he get the outflow pipes moved like he requested? I did not think it looked like they where moved as he stated in the final segment?

    Also, it seems like ADA is really pushing the wabi-kusa style. Which I happen to like and would think that it would be more popular in the states. I like it both as a stand alone emersed setup, and from an ease of putting an aquascape together. I would think the “plug and play” method of setting up an aquascape using WK would be very appealing here in the US. I for one see myself starting a wabi-kusa “setup/ grow-out” tank so when I setup a new scape I have plants ready to go. I am also planning some emersed WK in nice bowls for Christmas presents….

    Anyway, nice videos, and I would really like to find updated pictures or videos of the tanks since they have had another 30 days or so to grow.

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