Episode 10 – Talking Takashi Amano and the US hobby

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ScapeFu Episode 10 – I discuss how Takashi Amano has influenced the planted aquarium hobby. I also cover my thoughts on the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest and nature aquarium in general.

I bring out my soap box and go into my thoughts of the planted aquarium hobby in the US. Boy does my frustration come through! I think the hobby has grown but not as much as I would like. Here is the link to the forum post I mention: Money and the hobby.

We need a US version of Amano!

I hope you enjoy!




Note: The featured image is of Takashi Amano’s house and is copyrighted by ADA South Korea, www.adana.co.kr.
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6 Comments on “Episode 10 – Talking Takashi Amano and the US hobby”

  1. Giuseppe

    Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for starting these podcasts again. I really enjoy them. My feed stopped working and didn’t realize you had started it again. Anyway, quick thing to note, I’m not sure if your aware, there is actually only 1 US distributor of ADA products. That is AFA out in San Francisco. ADG is no longer an importer. They are actually starting a whole new company with their own line of aquascaping products. Looks promising. Anyway, looking forward to the next podcast.

    Giuseppe from nyc.

  2. Art Pennom

    No worries, Giuseppe! Thanks for commenting and letting me know. Honestly, I didn’t know that ADG stopped being an importer for ADA and is coming out with their own line.

    The problem ADA has is the very high cost of getting their products into the US. It makes them prohibitively expensive.

    All the best,

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