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Aqvainnova is finally here - ScapeFu045

If you’re a long time reader of ScapeFu, you know how I feel about quality plant availability in the USA. I think it is THE limiting factor in expanding the planted aquarium hobby here. This is why I am so excited to report that Aqvainnova plants will FINALLY be available in the USA in November 2015.

Header image: The people shown in the image are Esther Mous of Aqua Flora (left), Maurizio Castaldini of Anubias (center), and our pro aquascaping friend, Oliver Knott (right).

What are Aqvainnova plants?

Glad you asked! ScapeFu Podcast #45 is all about Aqvainnova! One of the partners of Aqvainnova, Esther Mous, tells you all about their plans and the types of plants they are offering. It’s unlike anything we have in the USA today. Go have a listen and get excited!

Background on Aqvainnova

In an effort to maximize the chances of success, two of the most respected, international aquatic plant growers joined forces to create Aqvainnova. Aqua Flora of the Netherlands and Anubias of Italy, competitors and friends for years, decided that this was the best way to enter this very big but untested market. I love the idea.

What’s more, they decided to launch their innovative Linea Zero line of aquarium plants first in the USA. They will be showcasing both their lines, Linea Zero and Linea In Vitro, at this year’s Aquatic Experience in Chicago on November 6-8.

They have decided to work with the US Importer/Distributor, JBJ that is best known for their Artica chillers. JBJ will also be bringing in the famous German manufacturer of planted aquarium equipment, Dennerle. This means that they have the magic 1-2 punch of plants plus equipment that I think is critical to have success in the USA.

Linea Zero

Linea Zero

The Linea Zero are plants that have been grown in vitro but have gone through a second stage of growth. This means that they are stronger and easier to adapt to their new environment.

Here is the initial Linea Zero Aquarium Plants list. It contains information on how the plants and the parameters it likes!

Linea In Vitro

Aqvainnova - Linea in Vitro USA

The Linea In Vitro are plants that have been grown disease and algae free.

Here is the initial Linea in Vitro Aquarium Plants list. It too shows the important parameters for the plants.

USA Stores Carrying Aqvainnova

We will be maintaining a list of stores that carry Aqvainnova plants here. If you know of a store that carries them, please let us know.

Aqvainnova made their best guess with their initial plant list that will be available in the USA at the start. If you want something and you don’t see it, please let them know. With sufficient demand, they will make changes.


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