Jeff Senske at Aquatic Experience Talking Aquavas and Aqvainnova: ScapeFu024

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Jeff Senske & Aquavas

ScapeFu Podcast Episode 24: Jeff Senske at Aquatic Experience Talking Aquavas and Aqvainnova

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© Aquavas Aquarium

© Aquavas Aquarium

Innovation is critital for the continued growth of the hobby. In this episode, we hear about two product lines that are doing just that.

Aquascaping News

The Aquatic Gardeners Association 2015 Convention in Washington D.C. April 10-12th.

Jeff Senske Interview at the 2014 Chicago Aquatic Experience

JJ interviewed Jeff about Aquavas and Aqvainnova. Here what he had to say in the podcast.

AQUAVAS 65 CM System from AQUAVAS on Vimeo.

Listen to our previous interview with Mike Senske to get more details on Aquavas.

Focus on You

Giuseppe sent us progress pictures of his scapes. We think he’s doing great and we give him some feedback. What do you think?




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