ScapeFu019: The Future of the Aquarium Plant Industry

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Oliver Knott

ScapeFu Episode 19 – The Future of the Aquarium Plant Industry

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Aquascaping News

In Aquascaping News, I’ve been asked to serve as a judge in this year’s Concurso Brasileiro de Aquapaisagismo (CBAP), the Brazilian aquascaping contest.

Interview with Oliver Knott

Oliver Knott and OK Plants Oliver Knott OK Plants

  • Self-service stations for aquarium plants!
  • OK Plants in Germany and hopefully in European Union!
  • Anubias Aquatic Plants
  • Aqvainnova Linea Zero – a joint venture from Aquaflora and Anubias!

Aqvainnova Linea Zero

A video:


Focus on You

Finally, in Focus on You segment, we read some feedback.

  • Josh in a ScapeFu comment says “Hi i thoroughly enjoyed episode 14 especially the interview with Jeff (oops! It was actually Mike Senske). in future pods I would like to hear more about new products and companies similar to ADA and interviews from other well known aquascapers. Good job boys.
  • Sacha in the UKAPS forum says “Just finished listening to the most recent podcast. I’m famous! Another fantastic episode! Very interesting discussion about lighting, and a great interview with George. Thanks a lot guys, really enjoying these podcasts. Look forward to the next one.
  • Gilles also in the UKAPS forum says “Hey Art, Nice to see you on UKAPS too. I’m a regular visitor of you website and think it’s pretty awesome what you’re doing. Also great to see another WP Genesis user in our hobby.
  • Green Finger 2 from the Aquascaping World forum says “Hi ScapeFu, Signed up and tuned in Lot’s of catching up to do Fab info from top people.
  • Zanguli-ya-zamba also in the UKAPS forum says “Thanks guys for your last podcast!! Good to go back to basics !!! Cheers.
  • Luca Galarraga left us a 5-star rating in the Brazil iTunes Store! “Apesar da dificuldade do idioma, vale a pena o esforço para entender a história do Aquapaisgismo, através de fantásticas entrevistas!!!” Translation: Although it’s difficult because the podcast is in English, the effort is worth it to understand the history of aquascaping through fantastic interviews!!!
  • We got a question from Someguy on the Planted Tank forum asking “Just started listening bc just found it this weekend. Already listened to 3 episodes. You’re doing a great job. I’d like to hear more on controlling algae. I understand the basics (help plants out compete algae), but need continued help. How useful are UV sterilizers? What about regular use of AlgaeFix, Excel, or similar products? Are otos, snails, plecos really useful at controlling algae? Will increasing water changes more than 50% once weekly make a difference? What about reducing light or changing lighting schedules…or increasing light to help plants outcompete algae? What about use of RO water vs tap water effects on algae? What about use of fert root tabs vs adding ferts to water column?

Next week’s episode

Next week on the ScapeFu Podcast, we are back to talking about the science of planted aquariums. This time, we focus on CO2 for the planted aquarium. We’ll also have an interview done by Juris at Interzoo with Dave Chow. As usual, we’ll have Aquascaping News, From the Forums and Focus on You.

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One Comment on “ScapeFu019: The Future of the Aquarium Plant Industry”

  1. Chris Lewis

    Great episode. I was already a fan of the original 12 episodes, but the new ones are even better. Yesterday I posted almost the same question to the AGA Facebook group. That is, will tissue culture plants allow overseas companies to provide plants to the US. Then today I went for a walk , and when I fire up the latest ScapeFu podcast, it answers all my questions. Good job guys! After the Oliver Knott interview Jurijs asked if you thought this was the “wave of the future” My answer is a resounding Yes. For many reasons, it benefits both the consumer and the seller. The consumer gets a healthier plant that is easier to work with. While the vendor has a product that is easier to maintain, and sell. It might involve a cooler or similar display, but this is easy. In theory a local shop could replace the aquariums they currently keep plants in with a single fridge/ cooler. This would open those tanks up to house additional aquatic animals for sale. Also, the plants will last longer in the shop, and look better than the typical plants they receive. Also, as mentioned by Oliver Knott, the self service feature is excellent. No longer does an employee have to pull and bag the plants. The customer can grab their own plants, just like they do with frozen food. Thus allowing the employee more time for other tasks, and the customer gets what they need much faster. Also, I agree with the statement that a nice display tank is key to higher sales. A nice planted display tank is what brought me into the hobby. In the 1990s I walked into a local fish store to investigate saltwater setups. They had a large planted discus/ tetra tank, and I was instantly hooked. The story of the shop with a nice display tank, but the inventory tank is horrible also hit home. I see many shops with plants covered in BBA or other algae. It seems some shops consider plants disposable items. That is, if the plants make it great, if not they toss them, and don’t care about their appearance. However, those same shops might have a nice looking planted display tank. I have some notes on other episodes I will post later. However, this one really struck home for me, and I wanted to say great job and keep up the good work.

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