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Hi everyone,

We are finally up on iTunes as a podcast! When you have a few moments, please go and give us a rating. The more (positive) ratings we get, the more chances of being featured that means more listeners.

Also, word of mouth is the only way for other hobbyists to find us. Please tell other hobbyists about us. Good karma never hurts!

Thanks and regards,


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2 Comments on “Please rate us on iTunes!”

  1. Jeanne

    GREAT! We found the interview with Frank Wazeter very interesting. Hope you have him come back and discuss specific plantings, design techniques, etc…
    Glad to see a fresh perspective on the industry and an elevation of it into a true art form.

  2. Art


    Thank you! Frank is always welcome to come on the podcast. I’ll see if I can get him back for specific topics like the ones you suggest.

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