Analysis of Viktor Lantos – Forest

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Forest by Viktor Lantos

Forest is an aquascape by renown Hungarian aquascaper, Viktor Lantos. In this work, Viktor explores many aspects of design with nature aquariums and hits the mark, instinctively, with most. Forest is a beautiful concave design full of symmetry and repetition. I truly enjoyed learning from it and, I am sure, you will too.

Analysis of 2010 IAPLC Winner

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  While we wait for the pictures of the the IAPLC 2011 winners to be released, I thought it would interesting for you if I analyzed last year's winning aquascape.  The winner was chosen by a group of international aquascaping experts and, as such, I am by no means questioning their conclusions as to the ranking of this aquascape. I … Read More

Analysis of Our Preciousss

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The next aquascape that I’ve chosen to give my humble thoughts on is “Our Preciousss” by Akvaryum Dizayn Istanbul. I think it will make a good contrast to my previous post analyzing the 2010 Iron Aquascaper efforts. I also happen to like it very much for what it is and what it tries to do. In my opinion, aquascaping is … Read More

Analysis of 2010 Iron Aquascaper aquariums

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The 2010 Iron Aquascaper competition at the Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention featured a heated battle between Luis Navarro and Frank Wazeter. Luis is a seasoned aquascaper with many years of experience.  Frank is the relative newcomer who’s come a long way in a short amount of time.  Although Luis ultimately came out the victor, I think all spectators were satisfied … Read More