New ADA Video: Unzan Stone and Wabi-kusa

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Aqua Design Amano has released a new video in their series. This one shows the hardscape building and it’s very educational.

Some of the points you should catch:

  1. Never, ever, lay stone like this directly on the glass bottom. One tip and the tank is gone. Please use a plastic bottom to absorb the shock of any accidents.
  2. Notice that this tank has two overflows. Will they be using canister filters or wet/dry filters? Any issue on CO2 loss with the latter?
  3. Use of white sand in the foreground is beautiful and needed for this aquascape.  How will it be maintained? Is this too much for the average aquascaper?
  4. Notice the tools they are using to smooth out the sand. Is it their very expensive metal tool set? No, it’s a 25 cent triangle you can find anywhere. Come on, people.
  5. How much do you think all that AquaSoil would cost? I’m guessing that’s about 3 feet of it stacked?  With that much, is the PowerSand Special really needed? Perhaps just adding bacter 100 is sufficient.
  6. What else did you learn from watching it? I haven’t even gotten into the placement of the rocks.

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