ScapeFu021 – Professional Aquascaping

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ScapeFu Podcast Episode 21: Professional Aquascaping

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Hi everyone! On this episode, we talk professional aquascaping with our own Jurijs!

Aquascaping News

Professional Aquascaping

Juris took us through what it means to be a professional aquascaper. Is it a dream job or is it hard work, or both? Listen to find out.

Focus on You

Email from Giuseppe

We discussed Giuseppe’s aquascape:


Email from Dan

We discussed Dan’s two aquascapes:

Dan 1

Dan 2

Email from Tobias – Tobias asked about issues he’s having with Pocket Casts. I’m looking into that Tobias!

Email from Zack – Emailed us on the show and about growing a nursery of plants to use in his aquarium.

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Speak soon! Have a great week!


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