Aquascaping in the USA!

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The primary mission of Scape Fu is to bring the beautiful art of aquascaping to the English speaking world. Can you imagine my enthusiasm and delight when I woke up one morning to see that CNN had run an article on the beautiful world of aquascaping! I was even happy to forgive the misguided title that has since grown on … Read More

ScapeFu Podcast – Episode 2 re-release

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ScapeFu Podcast

Hi everyone, It’s day two of my “re-release” of the ScapeFu podcast and I’m putting Episode 2 out there! This time, I talk with Ghazanfar Ghori about him and cryptocoryne (pronounced crypt-toe-co-rye-knee). Some show notes: Kryptokoryne blog Greater Washington Aquatic Plants Association Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention Takashi Amano Nature Aquarium World Aquatic Plant Central Dupla and The Optimum Aquarium Book Florida … Read More

Brazil’s Ascension to the Aquascaping World Stage

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Brazil is famous for the great Amazon, beautiful beaches, crazy Carnival and this year, the World Cup, followed by the 2016 Olympic Games! It is also the country whose master aquascapers (arquitetos aquapaisagistas in Portuguese) have burst onto the aquascaping world stage and taken it by storm! Brazil takes the aquascaping contests I first started to notice the progress of … Read More

Analysis of 2010 IAPLC Winner

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  While we wait for the pictures of the the IAPLC 2011 winners to be released, I thought it would interesting for you if I analyzed last year's winning aquascape.  The winner was chosen by a group of international aquascaping experts and, as such, I am by no means questioning their conclusions as to the ranking of this aquascape. I … Read More

Don’t beat your aquascape with the ugly stick!

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What your aquascape sits in is just as important as the aquascape itself. There is no excuse for wrapping an aquascape in an ugly setup. I know times are tough, people, but it’s better to postpone setting up your beautiful aquarium until you have the time or money to house it in a modern and pleasing arrangement. Don’t beat your … Read More

Scape Fu Podcast Episode 1

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The Scape Fu Podcast Episode 1 – “OK Erik, I’m recording…” is live! This week we feature an interview with Erik Olson of Aquatic Gardeners Association and The Krib fame.  Please check it out! Remember! Sharing is caring!  Lurkers make babies cry so … 1. Grab our RSS feed to stay up-to-date on posts or have our updates delivered to … Read More