Scape Fu Episode 4

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ScapeFu Podcast

The re-release of Scape Fu Podcast Episode 4 “I think I’m getting better at this?“. This episode is with Mike Senske of Aquarium Design Group. We discuss how Mike and his brother Jeff got started in the hobby and in starting ADG. I ask him about how he stated importing Aqua Design Amano (ADA) products. Mike shares his thoughts on … Read More

Scape Fu Podcast Episode 1

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The Scape Fu Podcast Episode 1 – “OK Erik, I’m recording…” is live! This week we feature an interview with Erik Olson of Aquatic Gardeners Association and The Krib fame.  Please check it out! Remember! Sharing is caring!  Lurkers make babies cry so … 1. Grab our RSS feed to stay up-to-date on posts or have our updates delivered to … Read More