Scape Fu Podcast 11 – Welcome JJ!

Art PennomPodcast4 Comments

Well, it was about time for a new podcast. Here’s Scapefu Podcast #11.

Please join me in welcoming JJ as the new co-host for the Scape Fu podcast.

This being our first podcast together, we just talked plants.  Please tell us what you think!

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4 Comments on “Scape Fu Podcast 11 – Welcome JJ!”

  1. Jerry Jobe (JJ)

    LOL…sounds funny listening to yourself huh Art. All and all I thought it was a great chat and fun. I really enjoyed it and thanks for inviting me to do so. Looking forward to the next talk.

    This time I’ll hit the stop button the first time lol…too funny!

  2. frrok

    Great show guys. I live in nyc and i have to tell you,there are alot of local fish stores but the problem is they are all fish centric. There is nothing geared towards planted tanks or aquascaping. Its a bit frustrating. I rely on other hobbyist or getting plants/equipment. You would think there would be nyc’s version of an ADG or AFA. I will tell you this though, chinatown has some really good fish stores for rare fish. Looking forward to the next show! -Joe (aka frrok)

  3. Art

    Thanks, Joe! You’re absolutely right. We need more plants to go with all those fish.

    I just visited Aqua Forest Aquarium in San Francisco and was astounded to see the variety of plants they keep. AND, even more incredible, they were all in very good shape!

    We need more stores like that.



  4. Jerry Jobe (JJ)

    Thanks Joe! I agree 100% with you. Art and myself are in the FAN area and there aren’t very many LFSs that carry plants.

    I would love to see the AFA in SanFran. Art said it was great and from their site it looks it!

    We definitely need more stores like that!

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