ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip: Creating Sections with Plexiglass

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© Syrah by Felipe Oliveira

© Syrah by Felipe Oliveira

ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip: Creating Sections in Your Aquascape with Plexiglass

In this week’s episode of the ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip, we share a tip to help create those beautiful multi-substrate aquascapes that the pros make look so easy.

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In this pro tip, we discuss how using simple, clear Plexiglass can be the best way to create sections in your aquascape that hold two different types of substrates. Like in Felipe Oliveira’s wonderful Syrah pictured above, you too can create the white sand section that will look that way months into the future.

Go have a listen to find out how.

The tools mentioned in the episode are:

  1. Plexiglass
  2. Plexiglass cutter
  3. Heat gun
  4. Coffee cans

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