Aquascaping Masters: Arizona by James Findley

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Aquascaping master James Findley Arizona

Aquascaping is reaching new heights with master aquascapers like James Findley. In my opinion, James is one of the most innovative aquascapers we have today. He is experimenting and pushing boundaries and, in the process, taking aquascaping to the next level. I wanted to share with you this new, beautifully produced video by James that details the making of one … Read More

Analysis of Sunrise in the Valley

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Sunrise in the Valley by Marcelo Tonon Chiovatto

Marcelo Tono Chiovatto’s masterful and award-winning work, Sunrise in the Valley, is a hauntingly beautiful scene. In this Aquascaping Masters Analysis, I take a deep look into this aquascape to understand what makes it so dreamy and mystical. Is it truly worthy of it’s World Top 3 ranking?

Aquascaping in the USA!

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Twitter Meh Comment

The primary mission of Scape Fu is to bring the beautiful art of aquascaping to the English speaking world. Can you imagine my enthusiasm and delight when I woke up one morning to see that CNN had run an article on the beautiful world of aquascaping! I was even happy to forgive the misguided title that has since grown on … Read More

Analysis of Viktor Lantos – Forest

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Forest by Viktor Lantos

Forest is an aquascape by renown Hungarian aquascaper, Viktor Lantos. In this work, Viktor explores many aspects of design with nature aquariums and hits the mark, instinctively, with most. Forest is a beautiful concave design full of symmetry and repetition. I truly enjoyed learning from it and, I am sure, you will too.

Brazil’s Ascension to the Aquascaping World Stage

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Brazil is famous for the great Amazon, beautiful beaches, crazy Carnival and this year, the World Cup, followed by the 2016 Olympic Games! It is also the country whose master aquascapers (arquitetos aquapaisagistas in Portuguese) have burst onto the aquascaping world stage and taken it by storm! Brazil takes the aquascaping contests I first started to notice the progress of … Read More

Using Layout Sticks

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Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is, in my opinion, the leader in aquascaping equipment. They are focused on making it easy for a beginner to buy their products and set up a beautiful nature aquarium. To that end, they recently put up a page on Starting from Zero. Going through the steps they depict, I saw a “pro tip” I always … Read More