Easy Water Changes Using Python: ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip

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Water Change Hell

It is common knowledge that frequent water changes is how you keep algae at bay in planted aquariums and, especially in aquascapes. It’s a fact and we just have to accept it. Of course, we don’t have to like them. They’re a pain. So, the best thing to do is to make sure water changes are as easy to do as possible.

I have a 60 gallon tank that I change 50% of weekly in just under 7 minutes. It’s incredibly easy to do and spill-proof which my wife loves!

Python Water ChangerI use the Python Water Change System and it has changed my life. I no longer have to take a big chunk out of my weekend and interrupt time with the kids to do my water changes. I literally do them before anyone wakes up on Saturdays and, like I said, I do them in under 7 minutes. Yes, I change 30 gallons of water in under 7 minutes with no spills.

Check out this YouTube video:

Do you do your weekly water changes? If so, what do you use to get them done? Tell me below in the comments. I’d love to learn what you do.

Have a great rest of your week!

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3 Comments on “Easy Water Changes Using Python: ScapeFu Wednesday Pro Tip”

  1. Leonelreo

    Hi, Art!

    Not sure to have understood everything, as I’m not so good at English. I have a pair of questions:

    – How do you add declorinator to the water you’re putting into the aquarium.
    – How do you adjust the temperature of that water. Depending of the season, my tap water can be very cold and great water changes can make decrease the temperature of the aquarium 2 to 4º.

    thanks for the blog.

    1. Art Pennom

      Hi Leonelreo,

      Thanks for the comment!

      Unless you have very sensitive shrimp or fish, I wouldn’t worry to much about it. I put in dechlorinator when my water is being pumped back into my aquarium. I don’t worry about the change in temperature.

      If you do have sensitive species, use a large plastic garbage container to put the water into first then set the temp/dechlorinate then put back into water. You can purchase wheels for the garbage container to make things easier.

      If you don’t understand, please let me know. Spanish?

  2. Joseph Welch

    Hello Leonelreo and Art,

    Ive been using the python for about two years now and the only thing i would add is to get the brass quick disconnects for this. The most common part of this system to damage is the plastic pump body that connects to the tap. The brass quick disconnects screw in once then use an easy collar system for all future connections and disconnects.

    To Leonelreo’s question about the temp. I ran a test at my tap of where to position the hold and cold handles to produce 80degree F water. I marked the base of the handles with pencil. Now when i begin to drain i set the handles to this position so my hot water heater can kick on and get up to temp so when i fill i get a consistent temp. I usually re-run this test around the season changes.

    Hope this Help

    Keep up the great work Art! ( and JJ and Jurijs)

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