Plantedbox’s fantastic YouTube channel

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2 Comments on “Plantedbox’s fantastic YouTube channel”

  1. George Farmer

    I’ve known Mark for a number of years now. Almost from when he kept his first planted tank.

    The learning curve this talented chap has been on is incredible. Bordering on the obsessive there is nothing this man won’t do to get the best from his aquascapes and photo/videography.

    What’s really great is the way he’s shared his journey with us all through the amazing journals he creates on the UKAPS forum.

    I consider Mark as the world leader in aquascaping videography and he’s up there with the best aquatic photographers in the world too. Give this guy a large format camera and plenty of flashes and I reckon he could teach Amano a few new tricks!! 🙂

  2. Art

    Thanks, George. I didn’t know that about him but I’m going to go check him out.

    One of the things I think the hobby needs is a good documentary video. I like the ADA View series but I need more of a plot or story to it. Perhaps Mark will do something like that one day. Or, if I ever win the lottery…

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