ScapeFu018: Aquascaping Styles

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Aquascaping layout series

Aquascaping layout series
ScapeFu Episode 18: Aquascaping Styles

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In this episode we’re talking aquascaping styles so that you can improve your aquascaping.

Links mentioned in this episode:
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Iwagumi Style
Crimson Sky Video

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2 Comments on “ScapeFu018: Aquascaping Styles”

  1. Giuseppe

    Hey guys! What an excellent podcast. One that I have been looking forward to. I too have been frustrated with the lack of plant availabilty and selection here in the US. I am looking forward to seeing this aquainnova line of aquarium plants make to the US. I included a cool video promo I found on YouTube about it. Thought I would share. Cheers!

  2. Chris Lewis

    Another win for ScapeFu. Very nice Podcast, full of good information. I understand what you mean about Dutch style possibly not being a contest winner. Also, that it can be overly restrictive for your taste. However, IMO, that only applies if you are entering a full on Dutch style contest. If you want to incorporate Dutch style into a home aquarium you have the freedom to play fast and loose with the rules. Also, you mentioned the Dutch rules taking creativity out of the layout. However, I see that in some of the new direction Nature Aquariums, the landscapes. That is, after time they all start to look the same. Yes there is always room to bring out creativity in the details. However, the mountain scapes, the forest scapes, and even going back to the Iwagumi style, they all start to look the same over time. However, that is just my personal opinion. One of the great things about this hobby is the variety, and everyone can find what they enjoy most.

    Also, have you considered video podcasts? I prefer the audio podcasts for the majority of shows. However, for a Podcast discussing a visual topic, such as aquascaping, pictures or videos might enhance the experience. You could even use the normal audio, but play that over a slideshow with examples of what you are discussing. One more thing I thought of is how much I enjoy reading comments on the show. You could take it one step further and start a Facebook group where people can discuss the shows. Instead of a standard Facebook page with comments the Facebook groups provide more of a fluid conversation format. While at the same time not going full blown forum website.

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