The Strange Times of Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod

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Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod has probably been the most influential forces behind the tropical fish hobby in the US, if not the world. He’s very controversial and quite a personality. I found this fantastic, and detailed, Sports Illustrated article about him written in 1965! That’s before I was born! It’s titled The Strange Fish and Stranger Times of Dr. Herbert … Read More

Poll on growth of planted aquarium hobby in the US

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I’m researching a new article on the state of the planted aquarium hobby in the US.  Please take a minute to answer my poll via the following link. It is only one yes or no question. Thank you and please send this along to any aquarist friends you may have. Thanks!

Seattle establishes the Nature Aquarium Club

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I recently learned that our friends in Seattle recently established a club focused on nature aquariums and Takashi Amano inspired work. The club is a study group of people interested in artistic aquarium design inspired by the work of Takashi Amano, who has spent the last few decades forming a unique and novel approach toward and methodology in keep aquaria. … Read More

Sometimes the focal point is negative space

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A video capture of one of Aqua Design Amano’s relatively new aquascapes (Sept 22, 2011). As you can see, Amano uses the Rule of Thirds instinctively. What’s interesting about this aquascape is that, to me, the focal point is negative space. Sometimes, what’s not there is more important than what is.

New ADA Video: Unzan Stone and Wabi-kusa

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Aqua Design Amano has released a new video in their series. This one shows the hardscape building and it’s very educational. Some of the points you should catch: Never, ever, lay stone like this directly on the glass bottom. One tip and the tank is gone. Please use a plastic bottom to absorb the shock of any accidents. Notice that … Read More

Analysis of 2010 IAPLC Winner

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  While we wait for the pictures of the the IAPLC 2011 winners to be released, I thought it would interesting for you if I analyzed last year's winning aquascape.  The winner was chosen by a group of international aquascaping experts and, as such, I am by no means questioning their conclusions as to the ranking of this aquascape. I … Read More