PFK’s new aquascape by Dennerle is awesome!

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Our friends at Practical Fishkeeping Magazine have posted a fantastic article on an aquascape set up by the experts at Dennerle in the PFK offices. I find it’s stunning and I’m incredibly envious. The article is also definitely worth a read as it goes into a lot of tips and pro aquascaper secrets.  I particularly appreciated the mention of visual … Read More

Aquascape in a can?

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Oliver Knott proves again that he is one of the most creative and innovative aquascapers out there. Here’s his latest product: Can we get this in the States? I need a can of inspiration… Oh, and by the way, yes, it’s a real product.

ScapeFu Letter – please subscribe

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Hi, I’m all about continuing the conversation about planted aquariums and aquascaping. That’s why I wanted to let you know about something we’re starting called the ScapeFu Letter.  It’s our own, personal email newsletter for readers of this site. We wanted a way to be able to send out daily (or there abouts) emails to our readers when we didn’t … Read More

First rule of aquascaping

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As with everything, there are certain rules that, if followed, can turn your work into something you’re proud of. I’ve come up with a set of rules for aquascaping. Here’s the first one. The first rule of aquascaping: start with healthy plants.