Initial Unboxing Awesome Sauce – Radion and Vortech

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Like the Mac fans out there, unboxing an awesome piece of hardware is special. That’s what this post is about. No, it’s not my latest Apple gadget although it’s just as cool for planted tank hobbysts. Heck, for aquarists in general. It’s the latest EcoTech Marine Radion LED pendant. I throw in my thoughts on unboxing the MP10 Vortech wavemaker … Read More

Awesome Peekaboo Setup by Uptown193

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As I’ve said before, an aquascape is as much about what is outside the glass box as what is inside. Rich’s (Uptown193) awesome “peekaboo” setup is a great example of what I mean. As you can see above, Rich’s ADA 60P looks great. He’s obviously a talented aquascaper. However, and with all due respect to his aquascaping skills, I love … Read More

Aquascaping class in Barcelona

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Our friends at AQA Espai Aquaris Naturals will be hosting the first ever (to my knowledge) aquascaping course for those of you in Barcelona. The class will be given by one of Spain’s best known and talented aquascapers, Jordi Pelegrí. This is a fantastic idea and should be copied by other vendors in other countries. Getting people into our hobby … Read More