Aquascaping class in Barcelona

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Aqa escuelapaisajismo

Our friends at AQA Espai Aquaris Naturals will be hosting the first ever (to my knowledge) aquascaping course for those of you in Barcelona. The class will be given by one of Spain’s best known and talented aquascapers, Jordi Pelegrí.

This is a fantastic idea and should be copied by other vendors in other countries. Getting people into our hobby by actual, hands on training is invaluable and dramatically increases the chances that the students will stay with the hobby long term.

The class will last four months with a maximum of five students. The class will consist of online tutorials and sessions with aquascapers. All the equipment is provided. The program will focus on the following:

  1. Designing an aquascape (trends and sketch creation)
  2. Setup techniques
  3. Maintenance and trimming
  4. Photographing the aquascape (techniques and Photoshop touchups)

For more information, contact Aqua Espai at

(Via Acuaristíca.)

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