Aqua Journal Online Review – winner or doomed to fail?

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Aqua Design Amano is giving another go at the English version of their famous magazine, Aqua Journal. It's now available as an online publication through CoverLeaf.  The first attempt at an English version ended in failure within a year's time. So, will this attempt also end in failure? Is it worth the money? Online versus full-color glossy Shortly after the … Read More

New Elos Site

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The Elos Company has redesigned its site and it looks awesome.  I love their product design that even rivals that of ADA. Go check it out.

Planted aquariums in the USA

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Folks, If you haven't seen it already, this is a fantastic thread about the current state and future of our planted aquarium hobby. Please go check it out.

Lets be friends!

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Lets be friends on Facebook!  If you use it, please go over and give us a Like and add ScapeFu as a friend.  Thanks and see you on Facebook!

Don’t beat your aquascape with the ugly stick!

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What your aquascape sits in is just as important as the aquascape itself. There is no excuse for wrapping an aquascape in an ugly setup. I know times are tough, people, but it’s better to postpone setting up your beautiful aquarium until you have the time or money to house it in a modern and pleasing arrangement. Don’t beat your … Read More

We interrupt this programming…

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Quick update folks. Unfortunately, my computer and recording equipment were stolen.  I need to interrupt our regularly scheduled programming until I can replace the equipment.  Hopefully, we’ll be back on the air shortly. [Update- Jan 6, 2011] I purchased a new computer so I’m semi-back!  I’ll be purchasing some audio equipment to be able to start recording again soon.  Thanks … Read More

Analysis of Our Preciousss

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The next aquascape that I’ve chosen to give my humble thoughts on is “Our Preciousss” by Akvaryum Dizayn Istanbul. I think it will make a good contrast to my previous post analyzing the 2010 Iron Aquascaper efforts. I also happen to like it very much for what it is and what it tries to do. In my opinion, aquascaping is … Read More

Analysis of 2010 Iron Aquascaper aquariums

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The 2010 Iron Aquascaper competition at the Aquatic Gardeners Association Convention featured a heated battle between Luis Navarro and Frank Wazeter. Luis is a seasoned aquascaper with many years of experience.  Frank is the relative newcomer who’s come a long way in a short amount of time.  Although Luis ultimately came out the victor, I think all spectators were satisfied … Read More