No spills tank – very interesting!

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And now for something totally different!

I think all aquarists fear water spills. If you don’t, I’m sure your spouse does. It can really ruin your day and set your aquascape back a bit…

I went through such a thing when my tank popped a seam on the back glass pane. Of course, it happens when I wasn’t home. A flooded living room, dead fish and one very angry wife is what I found that evening.  Needless to say, I still fear water spills.

That’s why I found the following Youtube video so interesting. Some enterprising German guys have figured out a way to make tank seam pops a thing of the past! It’s a cooky video and I can’t understand a word of it. However, we all know what an Exacto blade can do when you run it down the seam of a completely full tank. Take a look and see for yourself.

Hat tip to our friends at Aquarium Design Group whose Facebook page is where I found it.

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