ScapeFu 22: An Interview with Balazs Farkas

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Balazs Farkas

ScapeFu 22: An Interview with Balazs Farkas [app_audio src=”″] In this week’s episode, we discuss Balazs Farkas’ award-winning aquascape- Before the Creation of Adam. Balazs is a Hungarian aquascaper and part of the Green Aqua team. His stunning 2014 work placed highly in the GAPLC and the IAPLC. We discuss Balazs inspiration for the work and how he went about … Read More

ScapeFu021 – Professional Aquascaping

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Jurijs mit JS

ScapeFu Podcast Episode 21: Professional Aquascaping [app_audio src=”″] Hi everyone! On this episode, we talk professional aquascaping with our own Jurijs! Aquascaping News Aquatic Experience GAPLC Scaping Four Professional Aquascaping Juris took us through what it means to be a professional aquascaper. Is it a dream job or is it hard work, or both? Listen to find out. Focus on … Read More

ScapeFu018: Aquascaping Styles

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Aquascaping layout series

ScapeFu Episode 18: Aquascaping Styles [app_audio src=”″] In this episode we’re talking aquascaping styles so that you can improve your aquascaping. Links mentioned in this episode: I’m horrible at Aquascaping Aquascaping Styles Forgotten and Current Japanese Rock Garden ScapeFu Aquascaping Styles Series The Linear Style UKAPS Dutch Aquascaping Post Nature Aquarium Complete Works 1985–2009 AGA Contest Biotopes AGA Contest Paludariums … Read More

ScapeFu016: Aquascaping Analysis and How it Can Improve Your Aquascape

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ScapeFu016: Aquascaping Analysis and How it Can Improve Your Aquascape I was hoping not to be flying solo this week but due to technical difficulties (i.e., my fault), JJ and Juris were not able to make it. They will be back next week that promises to be a great show. In this episode, I discuss the importance of thinking critically … Read More

ScapeFu014: Mike Senske talking Aquavas and 5 tips to incorporate an aquarium into any room

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Hey, welcome to ScapeFu Episode 14! Today, we’re discussing 5 Tips to Make an Aquarium a Beautiful Part of Any Room, a special co-host joins us and we have the first ever interview with Mike Senske about Aquarium Design Group’s new product line, Aquavas! In episode 14, we welcomed Jurijs mit JS as a co-host! Jurijs (pronounced “Yuris”). JJ and … Read More

Aquascaping in the USA!

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Twitter Meh Comment

The primary mission of Scape Fu is to bring the beautiful art of aquascaping to the English speaking world. Can you imagine my enthusiasm and delight when I woke up one morning to see that CNN had run an article on the beautiful world of aquascaping! I was even happy to forgive the misguided title that has since grown on … Read More

Brazil’s Ascension to the Aquascaping World Stage

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Brazil is famous for the great Amazon, beautiful beaches, crazy Carnival and this year, the World Cup, followed by the 2016 Olympic Games! It is also the country whose master aquascapers (arquitetos aquapaisagistas in Portuguese) have burst onto the aquascaping world stage and taken it by storm! Brazil takes the aquascaping contests I first started to notice the progress of … Read More

Using Layout Sticks

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Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is, in my opinion, the leader in aquascaping equipment. They are focused on making it easy for a beginner to buy their products and set up a beautiful nature aquarium. To that end, they recently put up a page on Starting from Zero. Going through the steps they depict, I saw a “pro tip” I always … Read More