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The boys are back after an extended hiatus. In this short, first episode back, JJ, Jurijs and Art:

  • share what they’ve been up to;
  • read some iTunes reviews; and
  • Jurijs shares a bit about his experience moving aquariums to another city. Read more about Jurijs’ move on Jurijs’¬†Facebook page.


  • ScapeFu Community Forum – you asked for a place to discuss the ScapeFu Podcast episodes and to gather as the growing community that we are. The new ScapeFu Community Forum is the place where we will be doing all of this. You can reach them by clicking the “Community” link in the ScapeFu navigation bar. Go now, we’re looking forward to discussing plants with you!


  • ScapeFu App – reminder that the new ScapeFu App is the best way to listen to the ScapeFu Podcast. You get every episode that we’ve released PLUS you get the app-only Ask Art Podcast. Most importantly, you are helping to defray the cost of bringing you the ScapeFu Podcast which makes YOU awesome! Please go download it right now!

As always, you can reach us at feedback@scapefu.com. We’d love to hear from you.

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Art Pennom

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2 Comments on “We’re Back! – ScapeFu041”

  1. Johannes Fritz

    Welcome back, gentlemen.
    Just wanted to make sure you know that I appreciate your work very much, it has helped me
    quite a few times. Keep it up guys.

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